Stainless Steel Food Storage is a Great Modern Choice

After all these years of having bottled drinks pushed on us, today people are trying to be more health conscious and more eco-conscious. This means not drinking out of plastic bottles, and if we do drink out of anything plastic, to be very wary of what type of plastic it is.  Stainless steel thermos food containers are an excellent alternative to plastic bottles for many reasons, and research has made them more modern than ever.

Bring Lunchfood storage

Buying lunch out is time consuming, and expensive, and often what we buy is neither healthy, nor natural. It’s much better for our bodies and for our wallets to bring our own food from home. Not to mention the lift a cup of homemade soup can give us on a cold day. So, bringing lunch in a stainless steel thermos container is a great way to go. Lunch will be cheaper, healthier, and much more delicious.

Hazards of plastic

We all know about the overflowing land-fills and governments that are running out of places to put their country’s wastes. We all know about the dangers of chemicals leaching out of our BPA-containing plastic bottles.  We went from ‘bring your own bottle’ to ‘don’t drink out of it more than once’ when it came to the store bought plastics. BPA plastics are on the verge of being banned. They are reputed to have hormone-changing properties, but even if the situation is not that drastic, they have been linked to hormonal cancers, like breast cancer and prostate cancer. And above all, we know not to put any of these plastics in the microwave, because it only makes the cancer-causing attributes more powerful, so we have been told.  So, we are all being more careful when it comes to plastics, but where does that leave us? How can we take our own beverages or hot food with us? Think glass, or stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

What makes stainless steel so much better? It’s reusable, lightweight, and unbreakable. Glass can be heavy and it shatters when it’s dropped, so while glass has advantages, stainless steel is still a better choice for on-the-go. There are some differences, also. Glass can be put in the microwave; stainless steel cannot. Stainless steel can be put in the oven or used on the stovetop; glass cannot. But with a thermos, it doesn’t really matter. With a thermos, you can put food into it in the morning, and it will remain at the same temperature until you are ready to eat it. Not having to stand in the microwave line-up is another plus. The most important thing about carrying lunch in a stainless steel food storage container is that the food maintains its temperature.


Some thermos containers have glass linings, but that doesn’t make them dangerous. Once, people had to be very careful with a glass thermos. One tap and it would shatter. But today’s thermal ware is much more advanced. The glass is shatterproof, airtight and leak-proof. They are also easy to carry and fill, and even clean.

If you believe that it’s time to ditch the plastics, start considering stainless steel products. Everyone is looking for great quality products that work, why not give them some that they really need and will use?

5 Reasons to Prefer Insulated Coffee Carafe’s Over Glass Coffee Carafes

When given the choice, do consumers prefer an insulated coffee carafe or a glass carafe? This is the topic we are going to look at below; we know that if you are going to offer coffee carafes to your shoppers, it is important to know their preferences.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe Pricing

Insulated coffee carafes tend to be more expensive than glass coffee carafes, but does that matter to consumers? Well, yes and no – it depends on what they intend to do with it.

If they are only going to make a pot of coffee and drink it right away, then a glass coffee carafe may suffice, however, if they are a coffee lover they will probably want to savor it and use a coffee carafe because it will keep their coffee hot for hours, without sitting on a burner.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe QualityCoffee carafe

How important is quality to consumers? It is a given that consumers care a lot about the quality of products. With an insulated coffee carafe, they will probably never have to replace it because they are practically unbreakable. With the exception of the few dents and dings it will probably earn over time, particularly if is used a lot, it will stand the test of time. This is of specific importance when your consumer is buying in large volumes or if their business will feature the product prominently, such as a catering company. A good product always garner’s great word of mouth.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe and Durability

How important is the durability of products to consumers? We would have to say this is high on the list of what consumers are looking for.  Who wants to spend money on something that will only last a short while because it is easy to break? No one wants to spend money on a product they will have to replace right away. Businesses want good investments, and a good investment is a quality product.

  1. Insulated Coffee Carafe and Portability

How important is portability with a coffee carafe to consumers? Well again, it depends on its intended use. If they are a business on the move, glass will not do. In commercial and business settings, glass can often pose a safety hazard, and not offer the same volume and longevity of the modern carafe.

  1. Multiple Uses of an Insulated Coffee Carafe

How enticing is a product with multiple uses? Obviously, consumers would love to have a product they can use for more than one purpose. With a glass coffee carafe their only choice is to put coffee or tea in it. On the flip side, with an insulated carafe they can put any liquid they want to in it – whether it is hot or cold.

They can use it for soup, coffee, tea, juice, pop, and even water. This is perfect for meetings and conferences because they can hold a variety of drinks. Versatility is an important aspect of any product you are considering buying, and as a business owner you want something that is not only worth your money but something that could eliminate additional costs – versatility achieves this.

If these five reasons consumers prefer insulated coffee carafes over glass coffee carafes have got you thinking about making a change to the products you carry, or the break room equipment in your office, or the tools you use at your work, check out our website today.  While you are there, you can look at our selection of different styles of insulated coffee carafes, and if you have any questions, you can quickly and easily send us an inquiry.


The best travel coffee mug for any situation

Everyone loves being able to take their coffee with them wherever they go—around the office, to meetings, in the car, anywhere. People enjoy a coffee that stays hot, and if your employees are constantly busy, they will benefit from having a mug that is able to retain heat. People also need a reliable coffee mug that isn’t going to leak. Too many times have un-tight coffee mugs spilled all over desks, floors and even worse, people. This can all be stopped by finding the best travel coffee mug on the market for your office!
Coffee mug
The best travel coffee mug for your employees needs to be something that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Travel mugs come in a wide range of colours and styles, and can even be personalized. The best design for a mug that’s going to last your employees a long time should include a double walled stainless steel vacuum within the body of the mug, and a tight seal for the lid so that no coffee or other hot beverages are able to escape.

A great brand of mug for your employee’s needs

One particularly great brand for office coffee mugs is ours! Golmate has a number of great designs for our coffee mugs, including slimmer designs for fast-paced, on-the-go individuals and larger, wider cups with handles for those looking for a slower sip on their morning coffee. Golmate’s products come in a wide variety of exciting colors and designs. You can choose solid colors, such as blue or green, or a pattern, which can include words or shapes. The material used is safe, and beverages will stay both hot and cold.

A reliable and durable model
Many travel mugs have stainless steel bodies, but do not have the vacuum seal that you get with Golmate’s selection of coffee mugs. The stainless steel bodies in other mugs are simply screwed or fastened into place, and while they do prevent some thermal air loss, they have nowhere near the same efficacy as a vacuum sealed stainless steel body. Many mugs also come in ceramic, with double wall ceramic bodies. Golmate does not make these types of mugs due to the sheer fact that they are not reliable. The ceramic body does not keep heat in well, ceramic will make the mug heavy for travel purposes, and if dropped will shatter. Stainless steel mugs are lightweight and convenient, and can come with a handle or a middle grip, depending on preference.

In a society where we’re constantly making our own brews, what with the invention of the many single-serve pods coffee machines, the need for travel mugs is greater than ever, especially in the office environment. And not just any travel mugs, but reliable, stylish and especially affordable coffee mug solutions. When you’re looking for the best travel coffee mug for your employees, choose Golmate’s travel coffee mugs. You will be getting a reliable, well-built, great looking mug. Don’t cheap out on a non-vacuum stainless steel or ceramic mug. Choose the mug that’s going to work!

4 Reasons to Love an Airpot Flask

Serving up hot or cold beverages requires a few different things: talented staff, quality items, and the latest in thermos technology. Each are key, but without the last one, you can have everything and still be serving tepid, undesirable products. That’s why we at Golmate have developed our very own Airpot flask, a thermos designed to make serving beverages easy. Every Airpot product comes with a pump or button to serve piping hot beverages whenever you need. They make serving easy. Here are a few reasons why you’ll love our Airpot flask.

  1. They Come in Two VarietiesAirport Flask

Our Airpot flasks come in two different kinds: glass-lined or double-walled vacuum. Each provide their own distinct advantages, but both will provide you with a high-quality flask that’s built to survive commercial use. The vacuum seal and glass-walled versions are highly durable, built to keep hot items hot and cold items cold, and designed by our in-house R & D team. The vacuum is designed for easy travel, being both light and easy to use, while the glass-walled will keep beverages at the perfect temperature for longer.

  1. They Make Serving Easy

Airpot’s are made to serve, with a handy pumping feature so people can get hot or cold beverages right away. When you’re finished, or travelling, the pump easily collapses down and securely fastens to prevent spills. It’s the perfect thermos for serving on the go, and specially designed to let people help themselves. If you have a conference or lobby that needs coffee, hot water, or even refreshing lemonade, the Airpot flask was made to make the experience fast and easy.

  1. You’ll Love Them, Guaranteed

All of our Golmate Airpot flasks come with a one-year guarantee that ensures your complete and total satisfaction. If it breaks or isn’t up to your expectations, we will happily help you get what you need. Our customer service is unparalleled, and we strive to make sure every one of our valued clients is happy with their purchases.

  1. They Come in More than Just Chrome

While our silver and chrome models are the most popular versions, the Airpot flask comes in all kinds of designs and materials for your needs. For something more brightly colored, you can select from our many different designs and patterns, ranging from subtle to fun and eye-catching.

  1. They’re Cutting Edge Technology

Golmate isn’t simply providing the best technology for flasks and containers, we’re leading the charge in product development. Our in-house R & D team is constantly working on better thermos technologies to make our products more efficient, cost-effective, and better at what they do. A Golmate Airpot flask is using tomorrow’s technology today, rather than what worked best in the past. And for our customers, that means a higher-quality product that’s sure to last.

If you’re on the market for high-quality thermos products, only Golmate has all of these qualities. Our Airpot flasks in particular are perfect for anyone who needs something that’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes. Whether you are in catering, or supplying a chain of stores, Golmate Airpot Flasks make serving simple, and can do the job for longer than the competition.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stock Coffee Airpots in Your Store

Did you know that a lot of people prefer a coffee airpot to keep their beverages hot over a thermos when they’re partaking in recreational activities, such as boating? This is one reason, among many, why you need to stock coffee airpots in your retail store.

5 Reasons why you Need to Stock Coffee Airpots in Your Store 

Airpots provide a convenience that consumers can’t get from a coffee thermos or carafe. Below we’ll look at five of these benefits.

  1. Airpots are More Convenient Than a Thermos

Airpots are super convenient, particularly when people are on the go because of the pump. They don’t have to be pouring the liquid out of the airpot, making it easier to maneuver when
consumers are in small areas, such as a boat – during a day of sailing – plus there is less of a chance they will spill it.

It’s even possible to get a drink from a coffee airpot while travelling in a vehicle, such as a bus – for people going on group tours – as well as cars, trucks and motor homes.

  1. Coffee Airpot Quality

Airpots are just as good as thermoses when it comes to keeping coffee hot; provided that the airpot is made of high quality materials.quality

  1. Versatility With a Coffee Airpot

Airpots are used for more than just coffee. They can hold hot chocolate, apple cider, hot water, as well as cold drinks. Some people even use them to carry ice cubes. If there is a group of people going out, or when a family is going on a special outing such as enjoying the snow tobogganing, they can just bring some hot water; and everyone can bring an instant version of their favorite drink. Tea lovers can bring tea bags, coffee fans can bring a small jar of instant coffee, and parents can pack some hot chocolate packages for the kids.

  1. Child Friendly

With their pump-style dispenser airpots are easier for children to use. Parents don’t have to worry about them spilling the contents and hurting themselves, or making a mess. It should be noted that preparing an airpot by filling it with a hot liquid is a task we only recommend for adults. To fill the airpot safely, the airpot should be put in a sink (if possible) before pouring the boiling water or super-hot coffee in.

  1. Potential for Increased Sales

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why consumers would love the option of buying a coffee airpot in addition to, or in place of a thermos. Thus, if you stock them in your store you will increase the likelihood that shoppers will buy both products.

If these five reasons why you need to stock coffee airpots in your store make sense and you’re ready to start shopping, you can go to our website.  While you’re there, you can look at our selection of different styles of coffee airports, and if you have any questions, you can quickly and easily send us an inquiry.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Coffee Thermos for Your Retail Store

With winter approaching your customers are going to want a hot cup of coffee or other warm beverage, even when they’re indoors.  Since coffee, and other drinks such as hot chocolate lose their flavor when they’re reheated, they’re going to be looking for an ideal thermos.

This is why we have put together some tips for choosing the perfect coffee thermos for your retail store.

Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Coffee Thermos for Your Retail Store

To allow your customers to savour the original taste of their coffee or other hot beverage, you’ll want to go with a thermos flask; because it is insulated and perfect for storing liquids, while keeping them warm. Offering your consumers a great product that really works is the best way to ensure repeat business.

  1. Double Walls

You’ll want to get flask thermoses for your retail store that come with double walls, and a stainless steel vacuum body – to keep the heat on the inside, not on the outside.

  1. Style and functionality

A coffee thermos does more than keep their coffee hot, it also protects their hands from the heat and reflects their personal style.  When you’re looking for the perfect coffee thermos for your retail customers, make sure you find a supplier that has the end-user in mind when they design and manufacture their products.

  1. Dishwasher Safe

Your retail customers are going to want a coffee thermos that can be thrown in the dishwasher. They’re more than likely not going to want to have to worry about scrubbing it by hand and ensuring they’ve gotten all the old remnants of cream and coffee out of it. A dishwasher safe product ensures a hygienic product. 

  1. High Quality quality thermos

One of the most important things your shoppers will appreciate about their coffee flask is that it is made of high quality materials. They want the thermos to keep their coffee warm for a long time and they don’t want to have to throw out any coffee after they’ve only had half a thermos.

As well, you want to ensure they are made from safe materials and environmentally friendly.  You should find out what the manufacturers’ process is for testing their products. The last you want is to fill your retail store with low quality coffee thermoses that don’t hold heat; and present a potential health or environmental hazard.

  1. Different Sizes

You want to offer your consumers a variety of thermos sizes; because one size does not fit all. A flask that is suitable for three people is probably too big for just one person.

Online Shopping Tips for Choosing the Perfect Coffee Thermos for Your Retail Store

First and foremost when you’re shopping online for a coffee thermos (or any other product) you want to make sure you’re buying  from a reputable supplier.  You’ll want to do some research to make sure that they aren’t a scam company that has a history of ripping people off.

If you found our tips for choosing the perfect coffee thermos for your retail store helpful, and are ready to start shopping, you can go to our website.  While you’re there, you can look at our wide selection of coffee flask thermoses, or ask us any questions you may have about our coffee thermos flasks, and other products.

Travel Mugs Make Perfect Company Gifts for Any Event

Company gifts serve many functions. They are given to show the generosity of a company, to celebrate events and milestones and as prizes at company-sponsored events. The type of gift you choose says a lot about your company, so be sure to choose a gift that is high-quality, thoughtful and most of all – useful. Don’t give gifts that will simply take up drawer space. Give a gift that will be used, loved and remind the user of the positive things your company can do for them. There is one gift that fits this description: travel mugs.

Why Travel Mugs Are the Perfect Company Gift

There are so many reasons why travel mugs make the best corporate giveaway, including:

  • Affordability: Being asked to give a door prize at an event, needing a gift to give all your employees, or being required to bring giveaways to a conference costs your company money. You’ll green travel mugneed to stay on budget while also providing a high-quality item. Golmate’s travel mugs are sold in lot sizes so you get warehouse pricing. Whether you need a small lot size or to buy in bulk, our travel mugs are affordable for any corporate gifting occasion.


  • Thoughtfulness: We all know the importance of staying hydrated (and caffeinated!) but a clumsy glass on your desk or an open cup of coffee in your car is simply impractical. Sturdy, durable travel mugs that retain the content’s temperature for hours are desirable for anyone on the move – the commuter, the executive, the laborer – everyone can use a good travel mug making it the ideal gift for companies with a diverse range of jobs and people.


  • Style: It’s not enough to just have a good travel mug. You want the style to shine through! Our in-house research and development team has come up with several sleek, trendy styles guaranteed to please the pickiest user. Bright colors and stainless steel provide form and function while being an eye-catching accessory for any outfit, cup holder or lunch bag.

Events That Require Corporate Gifts

Now that you know why affordable, stylish travel mugs are the most thoughtful, practical gift for corporate events, think of Golmate every time you have a:

  • Staff anniversary party
  • Tradeshow
  • Conference
  • A group of visiting delegates
  • Golf tournament

We stand behind the quality of our products with a one-year warranty and our customer service is second to none. Golmate has an in-house research and development facility and we put our products through three separate tests to ensure the quality.  Each and every product produced by Golmate is done so in a manufacturing plant committed to social and environmental responsibility.

The need to make a good impression when giving a company gift is important to show your employees and/or clients that they are valued. Don’t give the wrong impression with a thoughtless gift that just sits around gathering dust. Give the gift that everyone wants, needs and will put to good use. Give a high quality, affordable, tested, durable travel mug from Golmate.


Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers: What you Must Know Before Buying Them

As a business owner, you want value for the stainless steel food storage containers you sell, without compromising quality and customer service. Use these tips to learn what you need to know before buying food storage items wholesale.

What You Should Know Before Buying Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers

Fresh, Clean Materials are Vital: Food safety is important. Manufacturers that use recycled or damaged materials to make food storage containers are risking the health of your clients. Golmate only uses clean, new material in each stainless steel food storage container we make.

food storage containerSocial Responsibility is Also Important:  It is not enough to just protect your clients. You also want to buy from an ethical manufacturer that considers the employees and the environment. Without this respect for people and nature, you would get a product that is seriously compromised by disgruntled workers and that has been made with materials that are toxic for the environment.

Golmate knows each staff member, from the sales team to the research and development team, are a very important part of what makes Golmate unique, and we also understand the importance of using and sourcing materials in sustainable ways. Social responsibility is a huge part of our mandate, and it shows in the high quality of our products.

Testing Proves Quality: The fastest way to ruin your reputation as a retailer is to sell a substandard product. The moment a food storage item leaks or fails to keep food at the desired temperature, you have lost a customer. Even worse, that customer could complain on social media, severely damaging your chances of regaining that – and other – client’s trust. Avoid this nightmare by purchasing your stainless steel food storage containers from Golmate. Each container is tested three separate times to ensure it exceeds standards; and the final inspection is carried out to AQL II standards.

Warranty is A Sign of Confidence: Never buy from a wholesale company that does not warranty their products. Warranty is a sign of confidence. It shows you that the manufacturer trusts their process and products and is willing to compensate you if something is not up to the high quality standards they advertise. Golmate offers a one-year warranty on all our products.

Inventory Management is Key: Before you buy wholesale food storage containers, you need to carefully consider your inventory needs. Too much product will sit on the shelf. Too little product will send your customers elsewhere to get what they need. Whether you are a large or small retailer, Golmate has your solution. We offer small to large lots, ensuring you can stock and move your inventory with efficiency.

What You Should Know Checklist

Where the product comes from and how it’s made are important to know before you stock up on stainless steel food storage containers. In summary, use this checklist to ensure you get the products you and your clients deserve:

  • Is it made with fresh, clean materials?
  • Is the company ethical to workers and the environment?
  • Is the product tested?
  • Is there warranty?
  • Will the wholesaler help me manage my inventory?

With Golmate, the answer to every point on that checklist is: yes. Check out our products today and partner with us for your food storage container needs.

Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers for Food Service Industry

Many food service professionals have had problems with keeping their delicious culinary feats at the right temperature. For too long, they’ve been overcooking or rushing to and fro, trying their best to keep things at a suitable serving temperature. It’s the result of bad thermal equipment, but that can change if they choose Golmate stainless steel food storage products. Here are just a few reasons food service professionals are making the switch and never looking back.

  1. Hot Foods are Hot, Cold Foods kept Cold

Many thermal insulation techniques cater to either heat or cold in an attempt to market specialized products but they’re all forgetting one of the fundamental principles behind food storage containers: that they can, and should, do both.

Golmate stainless steel products embrace the versatility of insulated products that keep things hot or cold. Every single one of our stainless steel food storage containers is built with double walled stainless steel or glass interiors to keep your foods at the right temperature. And each design has been tested for maximum insulation too, so they’ll stay at those temperatures for much, much longer. No more unnecessary rushing. No more tepid foods. Just the perfect temperature, at the perfect time.

  1. Products that are Easy to Use

Restaurants are busy places and that goes double for the kitchen. For all the talent you may have back there, you Storagearen’t using their full potential if you don’t have intuitive, quality equipment. That’s why the Golmate stainless steel line has extra features to make things extra simple and extra fast. With all five stainless steel models, you get wide mouths and spill-proof caps that make loading and pouring simple. From there, each product has special features that make their use even easier. The FLGC, for example, has an automatic stopper to help prevent spills. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that they can easily fit into your existing kitchen and equipment, making storage easier and more convenient.

  1. High Quality Products at Reasonable Prices

Individual sales are great for families and regular people, but they’re also a great place for companies to add a bit of a mark-up. Here at Golmate, we know that’s unsustainable for businesses. With us, you can buy wholesale products so that your costs can stay low without sacrificing quality. All of our stainless steel food storage containers are designed to be versatile and useful, but above all else, they’re designed to be used by professionals. This means high-quality construction and never skimping on quality, starting with materials – but it also means pricing that’s designed to help businesses succeed.

If you’re looking for new food storage containers, Golmate can fix you up with the products you need all in one go, at a price you’ll love. It saves you from hunting around individual stores looking for the same product and it can save you on your expenses. All without settling for lower-quality products. With Golmate, you can keep your foods at the right temperatures, and keep your customers impressed.


Save a Bundle and Purchase Airpot Flasks in Bulk

One of the worst feelings is taking the time to pack your drinks and meals for a long day at work or play and opening up the containers to find the food has either warmed or cooled instead of remaining the desired temperature. With so many companies creating throw away containers, how can you be certain you will choose the right thermos suppliers that will provide the quality of airpot flasks, coffee pots and food containers that you require?


One such company, Golmate, understands your need for strong, reliable, affordable thermos supplies that will keep working as long as you do each day. Here at Golmate, we are known as one of the leading thermos manufacturers in the industry, supplying coffee pots, thermos flasks, vacuum jugs, travel mugs and thermal food containers.

We have over 15 years of experience and customer service, providing our products to countries such as Germany, UK, Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, and North America, to name a few. We will show you our products and help you decide which ones would be best for your clients – we will ensure you are able to save a bundle and purchase airpot flasks and our other products in bulk to make sure you get a great deal.

How can we guarantee our products are top notch?

All-OverWe have very strict criteria to ensure each and every product we sell is of the highest quality. We perform numerous quality control tests throughout the production process, including three separate temperature tests for all our thermal ware to ensure it meets or exceeds our written promises.  Thanks to our airpot factory, we can control quality and costs – and pass those savings on to you.

In addition to the high expectations, we place on our airpot factory to make the best product, we ensure this same level of customer service throughout the process, from the initial ordering stage to the production stage and straight through to the delivery stage, we ensure outstanding customer service, communication and on-time delivery – an essential part of the whole relationship with our retailers/distributors and individual customers.

We are also able to keep our costs very reasonable by having no middleman in the process above – we communicate and work directly with our potential distributors, keeping both yours and our costs down. We maintain ongoing technical support post-purchase so that you don’t feel abandoned as soon as the transaction is complete.

Our design

As indicated, we have full control, from the initial design stage all the way to the on-time delivery of your products. We are particularly excited with the level of experience and ingenuity our design team provides us daily. They work in our airpot factory closely with the rest of the manufacturing sector so new concepts can be tested as soon as the designs come to fruition.

We not only focus on a device to keep your food and drinks hot, we consider the overall image – stylish, durable and easy to clean. Ergonomic designs have also started to become the desired fashion.  For more information on what we have to offer, contact us at or check out our website at