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Customization From Golmate

Customization From Golmate

Take your business to a new level! Golmate offers various custom solutions and services to help your brands pop out of the market. We equip with skilled designers, workers and professional machines to get your ideas done.

Design Your Own Premium Quality Drinkware for Less
Make Your Own Designs

Golmate is capable of analyzing the techniques or printing solutions according to customer’s designs, establishing effective communication and long-lasting collaboration with our clients. We manufacture molds with fine qualities and bring them into production on this basis.

Custom Size

Each one of our products is available in several sizes and capacities to meet consumers' daily needs. The capacitance range of the water bottle and vacuum flask is 0.35L-2.0L, mug or tumbler is 0.2-0.6L. So do vacuum jugs and airport, rather that they have larger capacities for choice. Our professional sales team could offer proposals for clients for choosing the best customizing method if needed.

Production Procedures of Customized Drinkware

Custom logos are ideal for brand promotion, exhibition, event souvenirs, and more occasions to maximize positive brand exposure. Laser, Electric Etching, 3D Painting, Heat Transfer, Embossing and Silk Screen Printing are the most common printing solutions. Our sales team will provide supports for clients in choosing the best logo custom treatment.

Custom Colors & Patterns

Custom colors and patterns can be treated with multiple printing techniques. We are able to custom all PANTONE colors by Painting,  Sprake Printing, or Coating Powder treatments. For patterns, Heat Transfer, Pad Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Full Color-Air Transfer, Sprake Printing, UV Printing, Water Transfer are the most popular printing solutions in the market. Team Golmate provides the most comprehensive customizing service, we will do our best to accomplish your ideas.

Custom Drinkware Pass Strict Multi Production Processes
<p>Metal slicing</p>
Step1: Metal slicing
<p>Extrusion process</p>
Step2: Extrusion process
<p>Truing and soldering</p>
Step3: Truing and soldering
<p>Vacuuming (Specific to Vacuum Insulated Products)&Cleaning</p>
Step4: Vacuuming (Specific to Vacuum Insulated Products) & Cleaning
<p>Testing and quality inspection</p>
Step5: Testing and quality inspection
Step6: Polishing
<p>Double-check the quality</p>
Step7: Double-check the quality
Custom Packaging For Personalised Drinkware
Make your exclusive packaging
Golmate has advanced equipment to support customer in packaging solutions
  • Extensive choice of packaging
  • Tailor-made design
  • Quality guarantee
  • Factory price
  • Advanced equipment
  • More
  • Custom-Packaging-For-Personalised-Drinkware
  • Custom-Packaging-For-your-Drinkware
  • Custom-Packaging-For-Personalise-Drinkware
  • Custom-Packaging-For--Drinkware
  • Custom-Package-For-Personalised-Drinkware
  • Custom-Package-For-Personalised-Drinkware
Display Boxes For Golmate's Custom Drinkware

Eye-catching display boxes make your product stand out. Make customers choose your product out of a thousand choices, starting from making your exclusive display box in Golmate.

Display-Boxes-For--Custom-Drinkware Display-Boxes-For-Golmate's-Custom-Drinkware Display-Boxes-For-Golmate's-Custom-Drinkwares Display-Box-For-Golmate's-Custom-Drinkware display-boxes-for-golmates-custom-drinkware

Golmate has more than 10 years of OEM/ODM experience. To provide customers with professional services and establish long-term cooperative relations with customers. We have a professional design team to meet customer needs. And the prompt response from the sales team to accomplish customers' ideas.

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