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quality golmate, your cares, we care!
vacuum flask

vacuum flask

Keep Hot and Cold Water in Double Wall insulated bottle, Used in different situation.
sport water bottle

sport water bottle

Outdoor or Camping Using, convenience and with different material to suit different sporting environment.

travel mug

travel mug

Keep Warm and Cold Water Holder, Large Capacity, suitable for all family members.

tumbler cups

tumbler cups

Table Used Cups and suitable for wine or Beer, with different capacity for all drinkers.

food container

food container

Soup or Lunch box for food storage, keep the energy for your afternoon or easy food taken.

vacuum jug

vacuum jug

Hotel or Restaurant using, for Coffee and Tea, would also be used as family hot water Holder.



Functional Usage in house, hotel or restaurant, for Coffee and Tea, could be used together with drip tray



At Golmate, we understand your needs, and we care about our customers.
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quality golmate, your cares, we care!
double wall insulated vacuum flask

1L 304 stainless steel double wall bullet shape vacuum flask

350ML 500ML 750ML 1L 304 stainless steel double wall insulated vacuum flask
sports water bottle

Outdoor 600ml portable stainless steel double wall cycling sports water bottle

Five types caps18 8 stainless steel sport hot water bottle
cola shape water bottle

custom logo 304 stainless Stella cola shape water bottle

500ml 750ml 1000ml ss double wall cola water bottle
insulated vacuum airpot

18 8 stainless steel double wall insulated vacuum airpot

2l 304 stainless steel keep water coffee hot punp airpot
stainless steel thermos tumbler

PP lid 304 stainless steel thermos tumbler

850ml stainless steel double wall skinny tumbler cups
About us
about golmate
At Golmate, we understand your needs, and we care about our customers. we got our reputation as one of the best thermos suppliers in the world by having a strong dedication to quality and responsibility; our own state-of-the art on-site thermal wares factory which is BSCI audited. We specialized in all kinds of vacuum jug, vacuum flask, vacuum air pot, water jar, mug and other vacuum ware .
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    The stainless steel industry has long been considered to be one of the main causes of environmental damage. The consumption and waste of the general production process and the hazardous substances used have a serious impact on ecosystems and human health. Golmate new technology production fulfills its commitment to respect and protect the environment, we actively participate in government environmental assessments and upgrades the internal equipments. They significantly reduce water and energy consumption level compared to traditional manufacturing processes. Golmate sets up donations and Factory cost selling points in the center city to allow good products to participate in the lives of the public. It could also help the weak or those who have difficulties, let them change the quality of life, and increase the life of products. we are eager to contribute all we could to the society.
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    Golmate is dedicated to thermos exports for years.
  • Sales Market
    Sales Market
    Our previous mainly sales market is Europe, Germany and France take up more than 70%, in these 5 years, we extending South & North America as our new market. We hope more and more new customers choose GOLMATE and join us.
  • Service
    We provide a full range of services to our customers. 1. Our company will provide OEM and ODM for all our customers as their requirements. 2. All our products have organized packing detail, such as inner box with plastic foam bag and outer carton packing. 3. We provide 100% mass production test before sending according to AQL rate. 4. We set up membership system and offer our VIP customers value-added services.
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  • Wherever you are, Golmate is here!

    Wherever you are, Golmate is here!

    Jul 19, 2019
    Nowadays,  more and more platforms or social platforms offers the chance for connecting each other more closer, which is also good for learning, searching, making friends. So you may easily to find out Golmate in FACEBOOK, INS, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, etc.  And what we shares over there? l  The useful industry information for thermal wares. l  The new and hot sale items. l  The professional suggestions or recommendations according to our years’ experience l  The new things that we discovered l  The interesting activities of Golmate, etc. So if you are also in above platforms, don’t hesitate to add us as your friend, maybe you could got some ideas about what you want, or maybe some of them will be usefully for you.
  • The annual travelling trip for Golmate’s workers

    The annual travelling trip for Golmate’s workers

    Jul 05, 2019
    Here in Golmate, every worker enjoys the welfare for annual travelling every year, it is not only a good chance for relaxing, but also a chance for learning outside, and this year, our destination is Vietnam (2019/6/25 till beginning of July). Below we just share something what we see and how we feel: 1. Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula. With an estimated 94.6 million inhabitants as of 2016, it is the 15th most populous country in the world. Vietnam shares its land borders with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. It shares its maritime borders with Thailand through the Gulf of Thailand, and the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia through the South China Sea. Its capital city is Hanoi, while its most populous city is Ho Chi Minh City. 2. The weather in Vietnam is pretty nice, although it is a bit hot for us, we did not fill any uncomfortable. And the blue sky is such beautiful and leaves a deep impression for us. While, what we enjoys more, I think it is the delicious food, it is quite fresh and special, similar but different from Chinese food. 3. Apart from sighting seeing around, we also take the chance to visit the local supermarket, which is good for evaluating how our vacuum flask sells and use over there. Some local people tell us that 0.5L and 1.0L flask are more popular capacity, it is a cool thing that you could enjoy the cold drinks during the fishing or enjoying the sun around the beach in summer, and a vacuum flask is quite helpful to keeping the cold drinks for last longer time…. Thanks for your time, and we hope to share something more in our next annual travelling!  See you!
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