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Lunch Pot

Lunch Pot

Food jar account for a certain proportion in the current global market. BPA-free PP features light-weight, handiness, and is well-fit for silicone loops, preventing it from leaking. We offer multiple capacities to satisfy the various requirements of needs. Lunch pot comes in one layer or two layers structure with or without compartments, it's up to your business. Golmate also has a professional team to connect with suppliers, customize products from the perspective of customers. Moreover, it has advanced equipment and strong productivity to provide one-stop service.

Types of Stainless Steel Food Jar

Food Jar by Occasion

  • Lunch Pot for Pinic
    Lunch Pot for Pinic
  • Lunch Pot for Fishing
    Lunch Pot for Fishing
  • Lunch Pot for Climbing
    Lunch Pot for Climbing
  • Lunch Pot for Outdoor Traveling
    Lunch Pot for Outdoor Traveling
    Outdoor Traveling
  • Lunch Pot for School
    Lunch Pot for School
  • Lunch Pot for GYM
    Lunch Pot for GYM
  • Lunch Pot for Office
    Lunch Pot for Office
  • Lunch Pot for More
    Lunch Pot for More

Food Jar by Population


Kids never get tired of fantasy. Golmate lunch boxes are easy to clean, made 100% leak-proof, BPA-free and designed so that even a toddler can use them independently.

As a well-deserved convenience for you, we offer multiple capacities and sizes for choice. The lid can be equipped with a groove to place a spoon or fork. Feel safe to eat at school!


Whether students at the campus or office workers, you are able to have a tasty and healthy meal every day. Golmate offers lunch boxes featured with sturdy surfaces, outstanding insulated performance, and up-to-date designs. They are designed with safety locks on the sides to prevent spills and are great for enjoying homemade food outdoors.

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1. Golmate is a drinkware and kitchenware company with over 20-year history. We dedicates in manufacturing high-quality types of drinkware and  kitchenware for sale and helping business develop brands.

2. We are specialized in fully customizing service, including custom molding, custom manufacturing, and custom packaging. Therefore, Golmate is capable to meet all your custom needs and offer delicate personalized drinkware and customized kitchenware.

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▪ A free stock sample if you need one.

▪ Exclusive designer team on your service.

▪ Up-to-date design for your unique products.

▪ Low MOQ requirements and competitive price.

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