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Wholesale tableware

Wholesale tableware

  • Superior quality kitchenware is essential for many retailers, supermarkets, restaurants or any businesses. Golmate is also capable to produce kitchenware, inluding salad bowl, egg opener, cake ring, steamer, spltter screen, and more. All of our kitchen supplies are sale at a competitive price and reliable quality, check out our collections and feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Different Types of Bulk Kitchenware

Types of Kitchenware Tools

New Kitchenware Products

Material Selection of Kitchenware

Material Selection of Kitchenware

The part where contacting with the food is made out of 304 stainless steel, 100% safe for food.

Capacity Selection of Kitchenware

Capacity Selection of Kitchenware

To cater to the needs in the kitchen, Golmate kitchenwares are various in kinds. Our stainless steel cake ring is able to fit in multiple sizes, the maximum diameter can be 30 cm and the minimum diameter is 16cm. More options for you to choose in Golmate.

Color Selection of Kitchenware

Color Selection of Kitchenware

We can offer kitchenware with diverse printing solutions to expose your brands, for example, Laser Engraving, Embossing, and more. Our sales will provide the best printing advice for you.

Why Choose Golmate's Custom Kitchenware

Golmate offers a wide selection of kitchen supplies with multiple functions. All of them are made with food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, harmless to the human body. They are all necessary for daily use in family, restaurant, dessert house and more, serving people in cooking diverse type of meals.

FAQs of Golmate Kitchenware

Are stainless steel kitchenware safe?

Yes, they are. Golmate kitchenware is made of food-grade material and does no harm to the body.

How to deep clean kitchen utensils?

Soap, warm water, vinegar, or a water solution.

How often should I clean my kitchen supplies?

We recommend cleaning every time after using.

Do stainless steel kitchenware safe for dish-washer?

Stainless steel is dishwasher-safe.

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Your Drinkware & Kitchenware Manufacturer

1. Golmate is a drinkware and kitchenware company with over 20-year history. We dedicates in manufacturing high-quality types of drinkware and  kitchenware for sale and helping business develop brands.

2. We are specialized in fully customizing service, including custom molding, custom manufacturing, and custom packaging. Therefore, Golmate is capable to meet all your custom needs and offer delicate personalized drinkware and customized kitchenware.

Contact us and you will get:

▪ A free stock sample if you need one.

▪ Exclusive designer team on your service.

▪ Up-to-date design for your unique products.

▪ Low MOQ requirements and competitive price.

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