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Customized Water Bottles

Customized Water Bottles

How are Water Bottles Made

The Foam

1.The foam is usually in the form of chemical balls when reached to the factory, and these balls can then react to generate heat.

2.Heat the liquid mixture slightly. (75-80° F)

3.Slightly cool down the mixture once the reaction is complete. And the liquid foam is formed.

The Bottle

1.To form the outer cup. If it is made of stainless steel, our experienced worker will pound it into the container shape according to the mold. If the outer cup is made of plastic, pellets of plastic resin are heated and forcefully blown into a mold in the desired shape during the blow molding process.

2.The formed outer container and the inner liner will be well-fitted in the process of an assembly line. The glass or stainless steel made filter will place inside the outer cup. Vacuum or foam will be added in the middle between the two containers in this process to form insulation.

3.Golmate usually applies vacuum technology to manufacture insulated products. A large vacuuming machine sucks the air from the space between the two cups.

4.To spray a silicone seal coating on the exterior, it keeps them to form a single unit.

5.Customize your products. Brand logos or specific patterns will be printed on the bottles. 

The Top

1.The lids of the stainless steel water bottles, with or without the stoppers, are blow molded.

2.A qualified silicone ring will be set in the lid to prevent leakage.

Custom water bottles with logo

Custom water bottles with logos are ideal for brand promotion, exhibition, event souvenirs, and more occasions to maximize positive brand exposure. Golmate customers prefer laser, Electric Etching, 3D Painting, Heat Transfer, Embossing, and Silk Screen Printing for printing solutions. 

Custom Water Bottles with Logo

Custom picture water bottles

Custom picture water bottles are becoming more and more popular. They usually put photos of family, friends, and pets. It is very pleasant to see your loved ones when drinking water. also, it is an excellent choice to put them at home as decorations.

Custom Picture Water Bottles

How are Water Bottles Made

Average Water Bottle Size

Water bottles in the market are available in multiple capacities to meet the increasing needs in daily life. For everyday on-the-go products, 0.35L/0.5L/0.75L are perfect for carrying around without burdon. And for larger capacities, 1.0L/1.5L/2.0L can keep you or your family hydrated all day, suitable for office use or outdoor activities.

Water Bottle VolumeWater Bottle Dimensions

How Many Cups in a Water Bottle

Products for ReferenceCapacity(L)Cups(250ml/cup)
Tumbler, flask, mug0.52
Tumbler, flask, mug0.72.8
Airpot, Tumbler, flask, mug14
Airpot, flask1.97.6
Airpot, flask312

What are Water Bottles Made Of?

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles are the most cost-effective for insulated bottles. Not only can they perform great in the insulation function, which keeps contents hot and cold for 12 to 24 hours, but they are also solidly built to resist collision. Thanks to the vacuum sealed construction, the speed of heat dissipation has been slowed down, so the exterior bottle body can stay cool and clean. More importantly, they are BPA-free, toxic-free, and comply with all global standards, safe for different groups of people.

Plastic Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are versatile and handy, featuring in inexpensive and lightweight. It is a popular choice to satisfy people's daily on-the-go hydration needs. To ensure your drinking safety and user experience, Golmate provides well-finished and high-quality plastic water bottles that are BPA-free, odor-free, and anti-impact. From the perspective of environmental protection, reusable plastic water bottles take less oil and reduce the release of harmful gases during production. An eco-friendly plastic water bottle could help reduce our carbon footprint and the plastic burden on the planet.

Glass Water Bottle

Glass water bottles could keep your drinks for hot and cold a longer period than plastic bottles do. The strong and robust borosilicate glass is able to sustain extreme temperature differences (0 ℉ to 220 ℉). Without containing any BPA and metal materials, beverages won't absorb any of the flavors or odors of the bottle. Besides, for most users, glass water bottles are more sanitary and easier to clean as they are dishwasher-safe.