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How to Clean Sports Plastic Cups

How to Clean Sports Plastic Cups

Sports plastic cup is loved by many people, especially children, teenagers, and outdoor activities personnel because it has the advantages of changeable shape, gorgeous color, low price, not being fragile, light and easy to carry, and the PP material used is non-toxic to the human body. Although the sports plastic water cup is good, it will become dirty and crud and produce a peculiar smell after a long time of use. At this time, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the water cup. How to clean the sports plastic cup?

Cleaning method of sports plastic cup

1. The quickest way is to use bleach. Just put the cup into a basin full of water, add a little bleach, and soak it for a period of time.

2. Put a few pieces of lemon peel and orange peel in the cup, or drop a few drops of vinegar, and then soak it overnight; For the peel of apples and other fruits, just dip a little salt on the peel, and then scrub the cup to remove the dirt.

3. For edible alkali, first pour sufficient edible alkali into the container to be cleaned; Then pour the freshly boiled water into the container and be careful not to spill the solution; Then soak for about 15 minutes; Finally, wear rubber gloves to brush and wash with clean water.

4. Soak the dishcloth in the milk and use it to wipe the cup. The dirt can be removed quickly.

5. Soaking in rice washing water for one night, the method is also applicable to glass, stainless steel cups, and ceramic cups.

6. For quick cleaning with toothpaste, first rinse the inside and outside of the cup with clean water, then apply toothpaste on the cup, rub and wash, and then rinse out with clean water.