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Method for Cleaning and Replacing the Inner Pot of a Hot Thermos

Method for Cleaning and Replacing the Inner Pot of a Hot Thermos

Cleaning method for the inner liner of a hot thermos:

  • Mix 50g of baking soda with a cup of water, pour it into the hot thermos, and shake gently to remove the scale easily.

  • Put some tea leaves into the hot thermos, pour in boiling water, and cover the hot thermos cap. After half an hour, the scale inside the thermos will fall off under the action of tea alkaloids. Repeat several times until it is completely removed.

  • Make two small paper balls, put them into the hot thermos, pour in hot water, cover the cork, and shake and rotate the thermos horizontally for a few minutes. The scale inside the liner can be removed.

  • Put a little salt into the hot thermos, fill it with hot water, soak for more than ten minutes, and then rinse several times with clean water to effectively remove the scale.

  • Heat up vinegar and pour it into the hot thermos. After soaking for several hours, pour out the vinegar and rinse with clean water to remove the dirt.

  • Put a little rice (or crushed eggshells), add a little water, cover the hot thermos cap, and shake it for about 2 minutes. The scale will fall off.

Replacement method for the inner liner of a hot thermos:

  1. First, open the back cover of the hot thermos carefully, preferably after the hot water in the hot thermos cools down to avoid scalding, and unscrew the cap.

  2. Pour out the broken pieces inside the hot thermos and handle them carefully, preferably put them in a separate bag and wrap them in another bag, because the cleaner is easy to be scratched by glass when separating the garbage.

  3. Then put the new liner from the bottom into the thermos. Be careful not to lose the rubber ring at the pouring mouth or forget to put it in.

  4. After installing the new liner, tighten the back cover, but don't tighten it too much.

  5. There is a small angle under the inner liner of the hot thermos, which is used for heat preservation. Be careful not to break it when buying. If it is broken, the hot thermos will not have heat preservation effect. Then the inner liner of the hot thermos is installed.



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