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13.4OZ Push Button Travel Mug 400ml

13.4OZ Push Button Travel Mug 400ml

  • Push button travel mug 400ml and push button coffee thermos

  • Double-walled vacuum structure

  • Travel mug with push button is 100% leak-proof

  • Press button to drink

  • Travel mug with push button use18/8 stainless steel liner

  • Stainless steel travel mug wholesale fit most cup holders

  • Travel coffee mug with push button

Golmate 13.4oz Travel Mug with Push Button Specification

A push button coffee cup refers to a coffee cup that features a built-in mechanism activated by pressing a button. This mechanism typically serves a specific purpose, such as stirring the contents or heating the beverage. By pressing the button of the push button travel mug, the cup's functionality is triggered, providing convenience and enhancing the user experience. When selecting a push button coffee mug, it's important to consider some important factors and travel mug size is one of them.

CapacityBulk travel mugs 400ml
ColorCustomized color
Liner material304S/S
Shell material201S/S
Bottom material201S/S
Head materialPP
Insulation performanceKeep cold up to 24 hours
Keep hot up to 12 hours

A push button travel mug is a type of coffee or beverage container that has a button or lever mechanism for opening and closing the lid. This type of travel coffee mug with push button is designed to make it easy to drink on the go without having to remove the lid or risk spills. If you are looking for push button coffee cup in bulk, Golmate 13.4oz push button coffee cup is one great option for you.

How to Use A Push Button Coffee Mug

  1. Pour your coffee (or other beverage) into the push button coffee thermos.

  2. If you have any additional ingredients like sugar or cream, add them at this point.

  3. Place the stirring element or blade into the mug, ensuring it is well-submerged in the liquid.

  4. Close the lid securely to avoid spills.

  5. Press the button on the handle or lid of the mug to activate the self-stirring mechanism.

  6. The stirring mechanism will agitate the contents of the mug, creating a whirlpool effect to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Golmate Travel Coffee Mug with Push Button Features
Golmate Travel Coffee Mug with Push Button Features

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