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Glass Lined Vacuum Thermos Flask for Tea 1 Litre

Glass Lined Vacuum Thermos Flask for Tea 1 Litre

Classic Healthy Glass Liner Design: The tea flask 1 litre shell is made of BPA-FREE plastic and the liner is premium glass.

Thermos flask for tea 1 litre has 24 Hours Insulated performance: Steamy coffee, ice-cold water, hot tea, everything will stay at the perfect temperature for up to 24 hours in this vacuum thermos flask 1ltr.

Thermos bottle 1 litre for tea is easy to clean: Thermos flask 1ltr closure can be taken apart for cleaning.

Unique Portable design: The handle on the lid which also can be a cup and the body of the bottle makes drinking easy. Inquiry Tea Flask 1 Litre price!

Golmate Thermos Bottle 1 Litre for Tea Specification

SizeØ11X H31CM
ColorBlue, Gray, Customized color
Liner materialGLASS
shell materialPP
Bottom materialPP
Head materialPP+silicone
Insulation performance:Keep cold up to 24 hours
Keep hot up to 12 hours

Golmate Hot Water Thermos Flask for Tea 1 litre

Golmate ZEN series is a tea-lover friendly design.  With a removable integrated infuser, you can enjoy an even steep everytime. Along with the glass liner and the vacuum insulated technology, this thermos jug can keep your tea hot for up to 12 hours and iced cold for 24 hours. The capacity of 1 litre also meets your everyday tea drinking needs.

Tips for Using Thermos Flask for Tea 1 litre

  • When preheating the flask: Fill the thermos with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes before emptying it out. This will warm up the flask and help it retain the heat of your tea for longer.

  • When boiling fresh water: Use freshly boiled water to make your tea. This allows flavor extraction and a more enjoyable tea drinking experience.

  • Remember to use loose leaf tea when using thermos bottle 1 litre for tea.

  • Steep for the appropriate amount of time: Follow the instructions for the specific type of tea you are using and steep for the recommended time. 

  • Don't fill the flask completely: Leave a little bit of space at the top of the thermos bottle 1 litre for tea so that the tea has room to expand as it steeps. This will also help prevent spills.

  • Close the flask tightly: Make sure the flask is sealed tightly to prevent any heat from escaping.

Features of 1l Glass Lined Thermos Vacuum Flask For Tea
Features of 1l Glass Lined Thermos Vacuum Flask For Tea
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