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Thermos Milk Jug BPA Free 1l Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffee

Thermos Milk Jug BPA Free 1l Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffee

  • Golmate vacuum milk jugs use BPA-free stainless steel and double-walled vacuum insulation technology.

  • Vacuum thermos flask jugs are eco-friendly and sturdy PP handle and lid.

  • Milk thermos vacuum flask is sweat-resistant and dust-proof.

  • The stainless steel thermos jug lid can be easily lifted with two fingers.

  • Great silicone sealing loop of thermos milk jug prevents leaking.

Golmate Thermos Jug for Milk Tea BPA Free Flask Specification

ITEM NO:VJGL thermos jug for milk tea
Capacity:1.0L, 1.2L, 1.5L, 2.0L
13.8*21CM, 13.8*22.2CM, 13.8*24CM, 13.8*28CM
Color:Silver, Customized color
Liner material:304S/S
Shell material:201S/S
Bottom material:201S/S
Head material:PP+Silicone



Keep cold up to 24 hours
Keep hot up to 12 hours

Golmate BPA Free Thermos Flask Vacuum Milk Jug Advantages

Choose a BPA-free thermos jug for milk tea for your customers in Golmate. The advantages of bpa free thermos milk jug have a great impact on both environment and human body. By drinking water from BPA-free thermos jug, your customers can reduce the concerns of intaking toxic chemicals. Help your audience build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Golmate Vacuum jug thermos to keep milk cold

Golmate vacuum jug features an outstanding cold insulation performance. The high-quality stainless steel and vacuum technique prevents condensation outside, making the vacuum jug thermos to keep milk cold for 24 hours.

Golmate Vacuum jug thermos to keep milk hot

Vacuuming is the core of this vacuum jug thermos to keep milk hot. Our thermos milk jug for milk tea is constructed with double-wall which both made from A-glass stainless steel. Vacuumization blocks the heat transfer effectively and insulate against heat loss.

Thermos Milk Jug Using Tips

  Here, we have summarised some tips for using vacuum milk jug:

  • Use fresh milk

  • Don't overfill the thermos

  • Avoid shaking the jug

  • Clean the jug after each use

Golmate BPA Free 1l Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos Milk Jug Features
Golmate BPA Free 1l Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos Milk Jug Features

Fashion design

With high-quality stainless steel

100% leak-proof

Comfortable single-handed operation

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