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Wholesale Vacuum Flask for Sale

Wholesale Vacuum Flask for Sale

  • Our wholesale vacuum flask is made of premium material, including stainless steel, glass, and plastic. All our vacuum flasks have an outstanding temperature retention performance. Made of durable 304 stainless steel or high-quality glass, glass lined vacuum flask ensures liquids can stay warm for 12 hours, and cold for 24 hours.

  • Golmate is one of the top vacuum flask suppliers, all high grade vacuum flasks are available in different sizes to choose from, perfectly satisfying different people's needs. The advanced leak-proof function makes it ideal for travel, work, school, and fitness.

Different Types of Bulk Vacuum Flask

Material Selection of High Grade Vacuum Flasks

Vacuum Flask and Thermos Flask

High Grade Vacuum Flask Capacity Selection

High Grade Vacuum Flask Capacity Selection

Multiple Capacity Range To Cover All Different Needs

Golmate vacuum flasks are available in several different capacities and meet all your needs. For daily-use products, 0.35L/0.5L/0.75L are perfect for carrying around. And for larger capacities, 1.0L/1.5L/2.0L are suitable for household use, office use, or outdoor activities.

High Grade Vacuum Flask Color Selection

High Grade Vacuum Flask Color Selection

Various Coating And Printing Options To Make Premium Product Surface

We offer several colors for vacuum flasks, sublimate with various coating options and printing options. Solid color, gradient color, or multicolor, make your products unique and stylish.

Why Choose Golmate's Custom Vacuum Flask

Golmate vacuum flasks come with double-walled construction and vacuum-sealed technique, featuring outstanding temperature retention performance. Apart from the sophisticated manufacturing technology, Golmate opts for top-quality materials, up-to-date design, and precision work. Choose Golmate vacuum flask for sale.

▪ Stainless steel liner: high intensity, corrosion-resistant, stable performance, and being able to withstand high temperatures

▪ Glass liner: lightweight, better insulation performance but fragile

FAQs of Golmate Vacuum Flask

How to Design a vacuum flask?

Decide on the products, styles, colors or patterns you like, and Golmate vacuum flask suppliers will turn your ideas into reality.

What liquids can vacuum flasks store?

Water/Coffee/Fruit juice and more.

How can I clean my vacuum flask?

Soap, warm water, vinegar or a water solution. To check What is the best way to clean your stainless steel water bottle?

What is my Golmate stainless steel vacuum flask made of ?

High grade vacuum flask are made of high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel or premium glass.

How often should I clean my vacuum flask?

A deep clean once a week, gently clean it at least once a day is necessary.

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1. Golmate is a drinkware and kitchenware company with over 20-year history. We dedicates in manufacturing high-quality types of drinkware and  kitchenware for sale and helping business develop brands.

2. We are specialized in fully customizing service, including custom molding, custom manufacturing, and custom packaging. Therefore, Golmate is capable to meet all your custom needs and offer delicate personalized drinkware and customized kitchenware.

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▪ Low MOQ requirements and competitive price.

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