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Some Knowledge Analysis About Hot Thermos Water Bottles

Some Knowledge Analysis About Hot Thermos Water Bottles

Ⅰ. Introduction of hot thermos water bottle

1. The principle of thermos insulation:

Convection is a property of liquids and gases. It happens because the part of the liquid or gas that gets hot rises above the rest. That way, if you put a bowl of hot soup on the table, it heats up some of the air around the bowl. And since that part of the air is hotter than the surrounding air, it rises. Cool air will fill the space left. Then, this new cold air is heated and rises again, and this cycle can try to speed up the convection speed, which is why blowing on the hot soup can cool it down faster. Without convection, hot soup would stay hot much longer because air is a poor conductor of heat.

2. Functional classification of hot thermos water bottles:

The hot water bottle is divided into an electric heating water bottle with a water level indicator light, an improved circuit of the electrode type hot thermos water bottle, a small household electric heating water bottle distributed above and below the heating water tank and the warm water tank, a pneumatic thermos water supply, a mercury-free hot thermos water bottle, and a solar high temperature drinking hot thermos water bottle, self-controlled safety thermos water heater, thermos explosion-proof bottle cap and fast electric heating water bottle.

3. Capacity of hot thermos water bottle:

Generally, the capacity of the hot thermos water bottle is about 1.5 liters to 3 liters, no matter the size, it does not affect the heat preservation effect of the hot thermos water bottle.



Ⅱ. How to choose a hot water bottle?

1. Gently tap the outer glass of the bottle liner with your fingers. If the sound is crisp, it is a good bottle liner without cracks.

2. When purchasing, check whether the gas tail at the bottom and side of the bottle is complete. If the gas tail is broken or knocked off, it is a disabled product, because the bottle liner is made of two layers of glass, and there is no air in the middle. If the gas tail is damaged, it means that the air has entered, and there is no heat preservation effect.

3. Check whether the mouth of the hot thermos water bottle is round, and whether the cork is tight or leaking.

4. Check whether the silver plating is uniform, because the silver plating avoids heat radiation and prevents heat loss.

Ⅲ. The cleaning method of the hot water bottle

1. Pour white vinegar into the hot thermos water bottle and soak for half an hour, then rinse the hot thermos water bottle with water, and the scale will fall off naturally under the washing of water. If the scale is thick, you can put more than ten small glass balls in a hot water bottle and shake gently until all the scale is removed.

2. Fill the hot thermos water bottle with beer, soak for 15 minutes, shake the hot thermos water bottle gently, then pour out the beer, and finally rinse the hot thermos water bottle with clean water.

3. To clean the parts that are not easy to clean at ordinary times, just crush the eggshell, put it into the dirty cup or bottle to be cleaned, then add a few drops of vinegar, shake it slowly, and then clean it with a brush.

4. Wrap the dregs of the tea leaves with gauze for later use, dip a little cooking oil on the tea bag, and gently wipe the stains on the plastic bottle. Cleaned up.

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