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The Process Of Golmate Producing Custom Water Bottles

The Process Of Golmate Producing Custom Water Bottles


The first step in making an OEM stainless steel water bottle is to develop a concept. This may involve identifying the purpose, features, and design of the bottle based on the customer's requirements.



 Once the concept is finalized, the next step is to create a detailed drawing of the water bottle. Involved creating sketches or develop a digital representation of the bottle.


3D Render

 After the drawing is complete, a 3D render of the bottle is created. This allows the customer to visualize the final product and make any necessary changes or adjustments to the design.



Once the 3D render is approved, a prototype of the water bottle is created. This may involve using 3D printing or other rapid prototyping techniques to produce a physical model of the bottle.

Tooling & Sampling

After the prototype is finalized, tooling is developed to manufacture the water bottle at scale. Creating molds or other specialized equipment required to produce the bottle. Once the tooling is complete, a small batch of samples are produced to test and refine the manufacturing process.


Finally, a sample of the OEM stainless steel water bottle is produced and sent to the customer for approval. This sample should be representative of the final product in terms of quality, design, and functionality. Once the sample is approved, full-scale production can begin.

This is the Golmate OEM stainless steel water bottle-making process. The exact steps and processes may vary depending on the specific requirements of the customer. Now if you have a project in mind, please no hesitate to contact the Golmate team: info@gomate.com

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