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What Aspects Should Be Considered when Purchasing a Car Thermos Jug?

What Aspects Should Be Considered when Purchasing a Car Thermos Jug?

Ⅰ. How much capacity is suitable for the car thermos jug?

The car thermos jug is a thermos jug placed in the car. For some people who travel a long distance or want to drink hot water while driving, it is necessary to buy a car thermos jug.

However, the choice of the capacity of the car thermos jug should be carefully considered. If you buy a small capacity, it will be almost the same as a thermos. Although it is convenient to put it in the water cup slot of the center console, it will be gone after a few sips; but also worry that it will not fit well in the car, and worry that the bumps during the journey may break the thermos jug.

So how big is the capacity of the car thermos jug? The capacity of the car thermos jug usually depends on the number of people in the car. If there are many people, you need a large capacity. However, generally the car thermos must be fixed on the car through the thermos holder, so it doesn't matter if you buy a larger one. The large thermos can not only drink water, but also can be used to make hot drinks, instant noodles, etc. It is very convenient. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to buy a 24L capacity car thermos.



Ⅱ. How to choose a suitable car thermos jug?

Self-driving travel, especially long-distance travel, it is necessary to put a car thermos in the car, so how to choose a car thermos? In addition to considering the capacity of the thermos, also consider:

1. Material

It is recommended to buy stainless steel for the car thermos. The inner tank should be food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the silicone part should use PP/silica gel for food contact, so as to ensure health.

2. Large diameter design

The caliber of the car thermos must be large, because it can not only keep warm, but also keep cold. In addition to hot water, a large-diameter thermos can also store ice cream, ice cubes, food, etc.

3. Whether the water outlet plug can be removed and washed

The convenience of cleaning the kettle should be considered for the car thermos. The detachable water outlet plug can facilitate the cleaning of the thermos and make drinking water healthier.

4. With or without self-locking function

The combination of the bottle cap and the water outlet plug should have a self-locking function. Even if you forget to close it after pouring water, the water outlet plug will be automatically closed when the bottle cap is screwed on, so as to avoid spilling everywhere while driving, or the insulation effect is not good.

5. Multifunctional lid

The lid of the car thermos can be double-layered, and the inner layer is made of stainless steel, which can be used as a water bowl, and a small bowl is attached, which is convenient for multiple people to use.