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Wholesale Water Bottle Bulk

Wholesale Water Bottle Bulk

  • As a well-experienced water bottle manufacturer, Golmate provides a wide range of custom water bottles for global customers, including plastic water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, glass water bottles, aluminum water bottles, and OEM/ODM water bottles. 

  • All water bottles are FDA and LFGB approved and are strictly tested before shipment. We apply advanced coating and printing techniques, and personalize your products with up-to-date design, helping your brand stand out of the market.

Different Types of Bulk Personalised Custom Water Bottles

Material Selection of Custom Personalised Drink Bottles Bulk

Bulk Buy Personalised Water Bottles

Capacity Selection of Custom Personalised Water Bottle Bulk

Capacity Selection of Custom Personalised Water Bottle Bulk

Golmate water bottles are available in several different capacities and meet all your needs. 

For daily-use products, 0.35L/0.5L/0.75L are perfect for carrying around. And for larger capacities, 1.0L/1.5L/2.0L can keep you hydrated all day, suitable for office use or outdoor activities.

Mini Travel Mug
Small Insulated Cup (17)
Big Thermal Cup (12)
Large Thermal Mug (5)

Population Selection of Our Personalised Water Drinking Bottle Bulk

Population Selection of Our Personalised Water Drinking Bottle Bulk
Women Water Bottle (13)
Men Water Bottle (15)

Color Selection of Our Beautiful Water Bottles Bulk

Color Selection of Our Beautiful Water Bottles Bulk

We offer a number of colors for water bottles, sublimated with various coating options and printing options.

Solid color, gradient color, or multicolor, make your products unique and stylish.

Why Choose Golmate's Custom Personalized Water Bottles Bulk

The Golmate water bottles are manufactured with premium quality materials, featuring in great sealing performance, delicate design, and sturdy coat finish. Our bottle products are primarily divided into stainless steel, glass, and plastic.

▪ Stainless steel water bottle: Our stainless steel bottles come with an advanced vacuum technique and high-grade stainless steel, making sure of outstanding temperature control. 18/8 Stainless steel is fully resistant to oxidation and corrosion so which further ensures durability.

▪ Glass water bottle: Our glass drinkware is made with high borosilicate glass that can resist limiting temperature. They come with stylish designs and can be used for the long term.

▪ Plastic water bottle: All of our plastic products are BPA-free, ensuring drinking safety. They are non-toxic, tasteless, anti-impact. Most importantly, they are more flexible in molding.

FAQs of Golmate's Custom Water Bottles Bulk

How to clean water bottle?

Soap, warm water, vinegar, or a water solution. 

To be more detailed, to clean a stainless steel water bottle bulk or any other bulk water bottle, you can use soap, warm water, vinegar, or water. Here's how to clean a wide mouth water bottle bulk:

Soap and warm water method: Fill the bottle with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. Close the lid tightly and shake the bottle vigorously for a minute or two. Rinse the bottle with clean water and dry it with a clean towel.

Vinegar and water method: Fill the bottle halfway with water and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Shake the bottle to distribute the vinegar and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a clean towel.

Water-only method: Fill the bottle with warm water and shake it vigorously for a minute or two. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a clean towel.

Remember to clean your bulk water bottle regularly to prevent bacteria buildup and odors. You can also use a bottle brush to scrub the inside of the bottle for a deeper clean.

How often should I change my water bottle?

To maintain good hygiene when using plastic bottles, it's recommended to replace them at least once a year. This is because microorganisms can thrive in the tiny crevices and corners of the bottle, potentially leading to health risks. Although stainless steel bottles are more resilient, it's still advisable to swap them out every few years to prevent any potential bacterial growth. Glass water bottles are relatively safer and can be used for a longer period of time, typically 2-3 years, without the risk of ingesting harmful bacteria.

How long does water last in a glass bottle?

The length of time that water can last in a glass bottle depends on several factors, such as the quality of the water, the type of glass used for the bottle, and the storage conditions.

If the water is of high quality, meaning it is free from contaminants, and the glass bottle is of good quality and does not contain any cracks or defects, the water can last for several months or even years in the bottle. However, it is important to note that the taste of the water may change over time, and it may not be as fresh as when it was first bottled.

It is also essential to store the bottle of water in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, to prevent bacterial growth and to preserve the quality of the water. If the water is exposed to heat or sunlight, it can cause the growth of bacteria, which can lead to the formation of algae and other microorganisms.

In general, it is recommended to consume bottled water within 3 days to ensure its freshness and quality. However, if the water has been stored correctly, it can last longer than this.

What liquids can water bottles store?

Water/Coffee/Fruit juice and more. If you are looking to purchase bulk water bottles to store liquids, it's important to find a reliable water bottle supplier that offers a range of options.

Bulk water bottle suppliers typically offer bottles that are suitable for storing water, sports drinks, juice, milk, and other beverages. Some bottles may also be suitable for storing oil, vinegar, or other liquid condiments.

When searching for a water bottle supplier, make sure to look for one that offers a variety of sizes and materials, such as plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Additionally, consider the type of lid or cap that is offered, as this can affect the types of liquids that can be stored in the bottle.

Overall, a reputable water bottle supplier can provide you with bulk water bottles that are versatile and suitable for storing a wide range of liquids. Just make sure to do your research and choose a supplier that can meet your specific needs.

What is my Golmate stainless steel water bottle made of ?

They are made of high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

What Types Of Water Bottles Does Golmate Offer?

Golmate offers a variety of water bottles in different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of the types of water bottles that Golmate offers include:

Stainless Steel Water Bottles - These are insulated water bottles made with high-quality stainless steel material that keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours.

Glass Water Bottles - These are eco-friendly and perfect for storing water and other beverages.

Plastic Water Bottles - Golmate also offers plastic water bottles that come in various sizes and colors. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to carry around.

What Are The Typical Payment Terms When Working With Golmate?

Our company can do all the payment terms that international practice can do, including but not limited to C.W.O (Cash With Order), C.O.D (Cash On Delivery),

C.A.D (Cash Against Documents ), P.O.D (pay on delivery) , T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), D/P (Documents against Payment), D/A (Documents against Acceptance) , D/P (Documents against Payment at Sight) , D/P (Documents against Payment after Sight).

Generally, the commonly used terms include T/T, D/P, and the specific payment terms still need to be communicated in detail.

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