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Wholesale Water Bottle

Wholesale Water Bottle

  • As a well-experienced water bottle manufacturer, Golmate provides a wide range of custom water bottles for global customers, including plastic water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, glass water bottles, aluminum water bottles, and OEM/ODM water bottles. 

  • All water bottles are FDA and LFGB approved and are strictly tested before shipment. We apply advanced coating and printing techniques, and personalize your products with up-to-date design, helping your brand stand out of the market.

Different Types of Bulk Water Bottles

Material Selection of Drink Bottles

All Wholesale Water Bottle

Capacity Selection of Our Good Water Bottles

Capacity Selection of Our Good Water Bottles

Golmate water bottles are available in several different capacities and meet all your needs. 

For daily-use products, 0.35L/0.5L/0.75L are perfect for carrying around. And for larger capacities, 1.0L/1.5L/2.0L can keep you hydrated all day, suitable for office use or outdoor activities.

Color Selection of Our Beautiful Water Bottles

Color Selection of Our Beautiful Water Bottles

We offer a number of colors for water bottles, sublimated with various coating options and printing options.

Solid color, gradient color, or multicolor, make your products unique and stylish.

Why Choose Golmate's Custom Water Bottles

The Golmate water bottles are manufactured with premium quality materials, featuring in great sealing performance, delicate design, and sturdy coat finish. Our bottle products are primarily divided into stainless steel, glass, and plastic.

▪ Stainless steel water bottle: Our stainless steel bottles come with an advanced vacuum technique and high-grade stainless steel, making sure of outstanding temperature control. 18/8 Stainless steel is fully resistant to oxidation and corrosion so which further ensures durability.

▪ Glass water bottle: Our glass drinkware is made with high borosilicate glass that can resist limiting temperature. They come with stylish designs and can be used for the long term.

▪ Plastic water bottle: All of our plastic products are BPA-free, ensuring drinking safety. They are non-toxic, tasteless, anti-impact. Most importantly, they are more flexible in molding.

FAQs of Golmate's Custom Water Bottles

How can I clean my water bottle?

Soap, warm water, vinegar, or a water solution.

How often should I change my water bottle?

Replace them every one to two years. Metal and glass bottles can last for longer.

How long does water last in a glass bottle?

1-3 Days in a sealed glass bottle.

What liquids can water bottles store?

Water/Coffee/Fruit juice and more.

What is my Golmate stainless steel water bottle made of ?

They are made of high-quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

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1. Golmate is a drinkware and kitchenware manufacturer with over 20-year history. We dedicates in manufacturing high-quality products and helping business develop brands.

2. We are specialized in fully customizing service, including custom molding, custom manufacturing, and custom packaging. Therefore, Golmate is capable to meet all your custom needs and offer delicate finished products.

Contact us and you will get:

▪ A free stock sample if you need one.

▪ Exclusive designer team on your service.

▪ Up-to-date design for your unique products.

▪ Low MOQ requirements and competitive price.