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New Design in the Urban Mug

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New Design in the Urban Mug

Urban Mug is one of our HOT SALE products. It is designed to convey convenience to on-the-go people. A few details in the newly designed urban mug helps you enjoy drinking! A clear comparison with the previous version highlighted the features of the new urban mug. ▪ Special water outlet design - block ice cubes away and enjoy drinking ▪ Longer cover cap design - keep dirt and bacteria away, stay Hygeian and healthy ▪ Improved cover cap - can be fixed and no "stamp" nose anymore ▪ 95mm Mouth - easy to clean up ▪ Silicone rubber sealing ring - free from spills and leaks. Get more information about wholesale travel cups, bulk mugs with lids, wholesale aluminum water bottles, steel water bottle wholesale,etc.

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