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What Are the Insides of Insulated Flasks Made Of?

What Are the Insides of Insulated Flasks Made Of?

When it comes to thermos jugs, there should be no user unfamiliar with them. A thermos jug is a cup that can be used in any season, but it is particularly popular in winter. If people carry a jug of water outdoors, in summer, water in any material jug cools slowly, but only a thermos jug can maintain the temperature of the water in winter. The inner materials of thermos jugs are varied, not just one. Today, we will introduce some information about thermos jug inner materials.

Thermos jug with plastic insulation liner

A plastic thermos jug is a common material that is used a lot. This kind of thermos jug can only have insulation function and the duration of insulation is only about 3 hours. The insulation effect of a plastic thermos jug is poor, so it is generally not suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Thermos jug with ceramic insulation liner

A ceramic insulation liner is a less commonly used material and is relatively rare in the market.

Thermos jug with purple sand insulation liner

A thermos jug with a purple sand insulation liner has insulation function. The purple sand liner is often matched with a stainless-steel outer shell to improve the service life of the purple sand cup. Purple sand has good insulation performance, and heat transfer is relatively slow, so it is not easy to burn your hand.

Thermos jug with glass insulation liner

A thermos jug with a glass insulation liner is a relatively good type of jug, but it is not very resistant to falling. Glass material is relatively stable. Glass cups are relatively easy to clean but not suitable for carrying around.

Thermos jug with stainless-steel insulation liner

A thermos jug with a stainless-steel insulation liner should use food grade 304 stainless steel, which the country also clearly indicates.


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