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01, 2022
Processes to Make Personalised Thermos Flask
The core component of the vacuum flask is the liner. There are 4 steps to make a glass liner:1. Preparation of vacuum flaskThe glass material applied in vacuum flask production is commonly used soda l...
12, 2021
Molding and Material Analysis of Inner Tank of Glass Lined Thermos Flask
1. How is the inner tank of a thermos water flask formed?The manufacture of thermos water flask inner tank requires the following 4 steps: ① preparation of the preform; ② preparation of the inner co...
12, 2021
Common Sense of Purchasing Stainless Steel Thermos Coffee Pots
At present, there are many varieties of stainless steel coffee pots on the market and the prices vary greatly. Some consumers do not understand the reason. They often spend a lot of money but cannot g...
11, 2021
How to Clean Plastic Thermos Jug
Sports plastic cup is loved by many people, especially children, teenagers and outdoor activities personnel, because it has the advantages of changeable shape, gorgeous color, low price, not fragile, ...
10, 2021
How to Buy a Beautiful and Practical Bulk Travel Coffee Mugs
In the past two years, more and more environmentally conscious cafes will provide some "green discounts" to encourage guests to bring their own coffee cups (travel mugs) to minimize the wast...
09, 2021
Guide to Purchasing Stainless Steel Containers Wholesale
When purchasing stainless steel lunch boxes, consumers should carefully check whether the materials and steel grades used are marked on the outer packaging. At present, there are three kinds of stainl...
09, 2021
Tricks of Selecting a Bulk Travel Coffee Mugs
First, look at the label identification, whether it is detailed and scientific.Second, look at the material. 304 and 316 stainless steel are preferred for the inner tank, but other materials can also ...
09, 2021
Misunderstandings About the Vacuum Flask
Will the tea in a thermos cup for too long poison people?It is rumored that tea scale will be produced after making tea, which will corrode the thermos cup and precipitate heavy metals, eventually lea...
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